Suggested reading and websites


Joy L. Fincannon & Katherine V. Buss. Couples Confronting Cancer: Keeping your relationship strong. American Cancer Society, USA, 2003.

iSource National Breast Cancer Centre. A Guide for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer. National Breast Cancer Centre, Sydney, Australia, 2001.

Phil Kerslake. Life, Happiness & Cancer: Survive with action and attitude. Steele Roberts Publishers, Wellington, New Zealand, 2006.

Mayer Musa. Advanced Breast Cancer: A guide to living with metastatic breast cancer. O’Reilly & Associates, second edition, USA, 1998.


Breast Cancer Care (UK)

Breasthealth (AUS)


Hospice New Zealand

Skylight (NZ)

The suggested websites are not maintained by the Cancer Society of New Zealand. We only suggest sites we believe offer credible and responsible information, but we cannot guarantee that the information on such websites is correct, up-to-date, or evidence-based medical information. We suggest you discuss any information you find with your cancer care health professionals.

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