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Early Detection of Skin Cancer for Health Professionals

Early Detection Advisory Group 

In 2006, the Cancer Society convened an expert advisory group on the early detection of skin cancer which produced the Early Detection of Skin Cancer in New Zealand report.

This report makes the following recommendations: 

  • Population screening for melanoma, basal cell cancer or squamous cell skin cancer should not be endorsed or promoted in New Zealand
  • Opportunistic screening by health professionals should not be encouraged as routine practice
  • In situations where screening is undertaken, it should be done on the basis of informed choice
  • Individuals should be informed about the potential benefits and risks of screening and the likely implications of a positive or negative result. 

Management of melanoma guidelines

The Clinical Practice Guidelines in Australia and New Zealand for the Management of Melanoma provide information for practitioners and health care workers about the early detection and management of melanoma.

They cover prevention, screening, diagnosis and psychosocial matters as well as the clinical aspects of surgery, radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

The Cancer Society was involved in the development of the Guidelines.

New Zealand Skin Cancer Primary Prevention and Early Detection Strategy


Since 2001 the Cancer Society of New Zealand has been involved in the development and review of what has become known as the NZ Skin Cancer Primary Prevention and Early Detection Strategy. This is regularly updated with the latest review completed in 2017.

A key audience for the strategy are professionals working in skin cancer control, and the strategy has a particular focus on primary prevention and early detection. It includes an up-to-date analysis of both the epidemiology of skin cancer in New Zealand, including risk factors, as well as evidence-based interventions to reduce exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) that causes harm. 

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