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Using a sunbed even occasionally, can significantly increase your risk of skin cancer including melanoma – that’s why we’d like to Switch off Sunbeds! 

Sunbeds emit artificial UVA and UVB radiation. Both are known to be directly responsible for causing skin cancer.  The light from sunbeds is much stronger than our summer midday sun.  The Cancer Society advises people not to use sunbeds – we’d like them switched off for good.  They are dangerous and unnecessary. 

The Cancer Society has an information sheet which outlines the harms of sunbeds.

Other sources of information on sunbeds:

Cancer Council Australia

Ministry of Health  

Workplace safety 

Past Cancer Society submissions can be found on the Submissions page.

Otago University’s Social and Behaviour Research Unit’s submission can be found here

Last Updated: Thursday 20 April, 2014

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