Keep Active

Keeping active is important for the health of you and your whānau. Keeping active can protect against cancers of the bowel, breast and endometrium (lining of the womb). Being active also helps to keep a healthy weight or lose weight. This reduces the risk of weight-related cancers. 

The NZ Eating and Activity Guidelines outline the activity you need every day to reduce the risk of cancer.

But our environment has changed in the past few decades (bigger cities, more cars and less walkable neighbourhoods), and it is not always easy to be active.


What we do:

The Cancer Society wants healthy active living to be made easier through:

  • health promoting schools and workplaces
  • good quality and safe active transport opportunities such as biking, walking and public transport
  • enjoyable, safe and connected built environments such as limited traffic volume and speed in public spaces
  • accessible, safe parks, sports and leisure facilities
  • raising public awareness through physical activity campaigns
  • a national action plan.

Our work supports the recommendations of current research and experts such as Health Coalition Aotearoa.


What can you do?

For more information and support:

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