Cancer Society research funding process

After applications have been submitted to the Cancer Society (Oct), the assessment process begins. Note, the Society does not ask for outline applications, however if the number of full applications exceeds the number that can be processed, the National Scientific Advisory Committee may triage the applications.

The applications are then externally peer reviewed by national and international experts in the field (Nov - Jan). Once the peer review comments are received, applicants are provided with an opportunity to respond to the peer reviewer’s comments (Feb). The applications are divided up amongst the Committee members according to their expertise and over the following 3 weeks they review each of their assigned applications (taking into account the peer reviewers comments and applicant rebuttals).

The National Scientific Advisory Committee meet in March/ April and each application is presented and debated. After the debate each member scores the application anonymously (1 to 10). At the end of the meeting, a list of applications ranked from highest to lowest is produced and a cut off is recommended to the Cancer Society’s National Board who make the final funding decision. Applications are notified of the outcomes in May.