Our people

Mike Kernaghan
Chief Executive Officer
Email: mike@cancer.org.nz

Jack Milton
Digital Media Advisor
DDI: (04) 494 7191
Cellphone: 027 764 7609
Email: jack@cancer.org.nz

Mary Direen 

Communications and Marketing Manager

DDI: (04) 494 7198 

Cellphone: 021 801 243

Email: mary@cancer.org.nz 

Angie Cairncross

Communications Advisor
DDI: (04) 494 7199
Cellphone: 021 222 8076
Email: angie@cancer.org.nz

Shayne Nahu
Advocacy and Wellbeing Manager
DDI: (04) 494 7192 
Email: shayne@cancer.org.nz

Dr Rachel Nicholls
Health Promotion Advisor
Email: rachel@cancer.org.nz

Heather Knewstubb
Health Promotion Advisor
Email: heather@cancer.org.nz

Hazem Abd Elkader
Policy Analyst
Email: hazem@cancer.org.nz 

Vicky Shuker
Senior Supportive Care Advisor
Email: vicky@cancer.org.nz 

Helga Wientjes
Research and Capability Improvement Manager
DDI: (04) 494 7194
Email: helga@cancer.org.nz

Sarah Campbell
Policy Advisor, Science and Research
DDI: (04) 494 7274
Email: sarah@cancer.org.nz  

Annita Patel
National Projects Support Officer
Email: annita@cancer.org.nz

Leigh Taggart
Email: leigh@cancer.org.nz 

Amanda Wilkins
Accounts Assistant
Email: amanda@cancer.org.nz

Dani McIntosh
Executive Officer
Email: dani@cancer.org.nz 


Daffodil Enterprises

Fiona Mawley 
General Manager 
DDI: (04) 494 7279 
Email: fem@cancer.org.nz

Karen Ilton
Corporate Support
DDI: (04) 494 7285 
Email: karen.ilton@cancer.org.nz