Suggested websites

You may be interested in looking for information about cancer and its treatment on the internet. While there are very good websites, be aware that others may provide incorrect information. We suggest that you discuss any information you find with your medical team.

We recommend that you begin with the Cancer Society’s website and follow our links.

The following may also be helpful:

Cancer Council Australia (Australia)

Canterbury District Health Board (New Zealand)

This page includes a video that was made for the Christchurch Canterbury Regional Cancer & Haematology Service - Oncology Service. The video gives general information about what radiation treatment is, and how it is given. Canterbury-Regional-Cancer-Blood-Service/Radiation-Oncology/ Pages/default.aspx

Centre for Medical Psychology and Evidence-based Decision–making (Australia)

Recovering after Pelvic Radiation Therapy, online PDF: Recovery_Booklet_for_Women.pdf

Macmillan Cancer Support (UK)

National Cancer Institute (USA)

Radiation Oncology: Targeting Cancer (Australia)


The suggested websites are not maintained by the Cancer Society. We suggest sites that we believe offer credible and responsible information, but we cannot guarantee that the medical information on such websites is correct, up to date or evidence based.

For more information on using health websites and social media, see the Cancer Society’s information sheet Using the internet for cancer information and support on our website You can also get a copy by phoning the Cancer Information Helpline 0800 CANCER (226 237) or from your local Cancer Society.