The Cancer Society would like to thank for their reviews, advice, and contributions:

Dr Carol Johnson

Radiation Oncologist, Blood and Cancer Centre, Wellington.

Associate Professor Chris Atkinson

Medical Oncologist, Oncology Service, Christchurch Hospital and the Cancer Society of New Zealand’s Medical Director.

Jennifer de Ridder

Team Leader - Radiation Therapists, Blood and Cancer Centre, Wellington Hospital.

Rob Hallinan

Clinical Resource Radiation Therapist, Waikato Hospital.

Julie Burbery

Brachytherapy Supervisor, Blood and Cancer Centre, Wellington Hospital.

Faye Doig

Radiation Therapist, Blood and Cancer Centre, Wellington Hospital.

Special thanks to those who posed for the photos in this booklet.

Thanks to Fiona Eadie for providing the flower photograph on our cover.


This cover photo was taken by Fiona Eadie and comes from the book 100 Best Native Plants for New Zealand Gardens, Random House New Zealand, 2008. Author Fiona Eadie.

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