The Cancer Society would like to thank for their reviews, advice, and contributions:

Dr Christopher Jackson 

The Cancer Society of New Zealand’s Medical Director and Medical Oncologist for the Southern District Health Board

Charlene E. Tan

Dietitian, Christchurch

We would also like to acknowledge that this booklet was first created as part of research for the University of Otago, Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics.

Helen Brown

Community Dietitian, Nurse Maude Association, Christchurch

Dr Jane Elmslie

Dietitian/Researcher, Psychological Medicine, Christchurch School of Medicine

Jonathan Rea

Dietitian, Lea Stening Health, Christchurch

Lea Stening

Director, Senior Paediatric & Sports Dietitian, Lea Stening Health, Christchurch

Tory Crowder

Dietitian, Auckland City Hospital

Dr David Hay

Oral Medicine Specialist, Oral Health Regional Services, Auckland District Health Board, Auckland

Noelle Farrell

Clinical Nurse Specialist/Navigator ORL, Auckland City Hospital

Natalie James

National Nurse Lead, Auckland District Health Board, Auckland

Esther Ong

Speech Language Therapist, Auckland City Hospital

Cancer Society Information Nurses

Michelle Gundersen-Reid, Julie Holt and Viv Williams

Sarah Stacy-Baynes

National Information Manager


Many thanks to the Cancer Society volunteers who agreed to be photographed for our booklet covers. Our thanks also to Brian and Lee Sheppard, and those affected by dry mouth and their carers who reviewed our drafts and gave us many valuable suggestions, quotes, and recipes to include in the booklet.


Lindsay Keats of Lindsay Keats Photography in Wellington took the photograph for our booklet cover.

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