Adding to what you can eat (nutritional supplement drinks)

These are not a meal replacement. They should be used in addition to meals and snacks when you need to gain weight, or if you are not eating normally. These provide all the major nutrients found in food, and vitamins and minerals.

Some brand name supplements are listed below. They are available from supermarkets and pharmacies. Those marked with an * can be obtained on prescription, but you will need to have a ‘special authority number’, which your cancer doctor can arrange. If you think you would benefit from these products, talk to your cancer doctor or nurse.

Powders that are mixed with milk or water

  • Complan
  • Vitaplan
  • Sustagen classic.

These can be purchased from a supermarket. They do not meet all your nutritional needs.

  • Ensure powder *
  • Sustagen hospital formula. *

Ready-made drinks (funded only for those having tube feeding)

  • Ensure Plus *
  • Fortisip *
  • Fortisip Multi Fibre. *

These are lactose free, and provide all your nutritional needs if consumed in the right quantity.

Fortified fruit juice

These juices do not meet all your nutritional needs, but do supply additional calories, protein, and carbohydrates. These juices are not available on prescription.

  • Enlive
  • Fortijuce.

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