The Cancer Society would like to thank for their reviews, advice and contributions:

Margaret Alve

Counsellor and Facilitator, Cancer Society Wellington

Marie Glenys

Counsellor, Christchurch

Lois Tonkin

Counsellor and Writer, Christchurch

Health psychologists at the Cancer Society Auckland

Meg Biggs, Julie Holt, and Michelle Gundersen-Reid

Cancer Society Information Nurses

Sarah Stacy-Baynes

Information Manager

Associate Professor Chris Atkinson

Oncologist, St George's Hospital, Christchurch and the Cancer Society of New Zealand's Medical Director


Many thanks to the Cancer Society volunteers who agreed to be photographed for our booklet covers.

We also thank the people who have experienced grief, reviewed editions and offered many valuable suggestions.


Cancer affects New Zealanders from all walks of life, and all regions of our beautiful country. Our cover photo of an Onetahi Bay sunrise was taken by Rob Suisted Photography

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