Sharing without talking

“Some people drop off like you’re contagious, but others offer enormous support. It’s lovely to know they’re thinking of you.” Adrian

Your physical health and emotions may fluctuate during and after treatment. It can sometimes be hard to let your family/whānau know how you’re feeling, and they may find it hard to ask. If you are having trouble talking about how you feel, try:

  • journaling, emailing or blogging – some people keep two journals: one that is private, and one to share with others
  • drawing, or doing something creative.
  • Create an emotions indicator. Some examples include:
    • A chart on the fridge listing different feelings. Put a magnet next to how you’re feeling that day.
    • A six sided-block with words to describe different emotions on each side. You turn the block to the top to show the emotion you’re feeling that day.
    • Write on your kitchen message board how you’re feeling today.
    • Write with letter magnets on your fridge how you’re feeling today.

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