Finding hope

Finding hope is having a sense of optimism about the future. Cancer treatments are improving and many people are living well, for longer. It can be hard to stay hopeful about your future all the time, and what you hope for may change. It is OK to have days when you feel sad or scared about what lies ahead. You may like to talk to your treatment team about what cancer means for you. Knowing more about your cancer can be useful.

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Talking to family/whānau and friends can be reassuring and uplifting. You might find strength and hope through things like mindfulness, affirmations, or counselling to help you find new ways to view your situation.

Spiritual or religious practices can help some people adjust to the effects of cancer and its treatment. People who have a strong faith or spiritual beliefs tend to experience increased hope, optimism, and feelings of inner peace.

“ Post-treatment I found it helpful for my mental/physical recovery
to set some short, medium, and long-term goals.
Things I could look forward to. Initially, it was simple things
like having a trip out each day for a cup of coffee and a walk.
It was winter and I remember gradually increasing my
walking distance until I could walk the length of the local
mall without having to rest. Long-term was a family holiday.
The children were young so we went to an adventure park
to make up for some of the time I had spent in bed.”

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