Suggested reading and websites

Information on eating well while you have cancer treatment

• Cancer Council Victoria. Nutrition and Cancer

• Cancer Council Victoria.Understanding Malnutrition and Cancer: Information for people affected by cancer downloads/resources/factsheets/Understanding-Malnutrition-andCancer.pdf

• Cancer Council Victoria. Understanding Taste and Smell Changes: Information for people affected by cancer living-with-cancer/common-side-effects/taste-and-smell-changes

• American Institute of Cancer Research. Cancer Survivors

• American Cancer Society. Nutrition for People With Cancer staying-active/nutrition.html

• Buckman Weinstein, Jodi. (2010) Tell Me What to Eat Before, During and After Cancer Treatment: Nutritional guidelines for patients and their loved ones. USA: New Page Books

• Katzin, Carolyn. (2011) The Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook— An Essential Guide for Cancer Patients and their Families. Los Angeles: CFK

• Van Mil, José; Archer-MacKenzie Christine. (2009) Healthy Eating During Chemotherapy. USA: Kyle Books

• Canterbury District Health Board. Smooth Pureed Diet

• Cancer Council SA, Australia. Recipes 2010-2019

• Howells, Simone. Beyond the Blender: Dysphagia made easy 

• Macmillan Cancer Support. (2019) Healthy recipes

• National Health Service UK. (2017) Making the most of your pureed meals (for head and neck cancer patients)

• Morgan-Jones, Peter; MacLeod, Rod; Ellis, Prudence; Lynch, Jessica. (2018) Lobster for Jasino: Fabulous food for our final days. HammondCare Media lobster-for-josino


Information on healthy recipes and eating advice

• Te Korowai Hauora o Hauraki. (2010) Kia Kaha Te Kai: Easy cooking for healthy whānau resources/cookbook

• No Money No Time. This is a great Australian interactive website that has healthy eating advice and budget-friendly recipes https://

• Gourley, Glenda. (2010) The New Zealand Vegetable Book. New Zealand: Hyndman Publishing

• Healthy Food Guide.

• Heart Foundation. (2016) Pasifika Flavours: Inspired by traditional Pacific dishes and ingredients food-industry/pdfs/pasifika-cookbook.pdf

• Auckland Regional Public Health Service. Kai Lelei: Recipes for large families KaiLelei_RecipeBook.compressed.pdf 

• Heart Foundation. (2018) Full O Beans: Tasty and affordable legume recipes for the whole family shop/food-industry/pdfs/full-o-beans-cookbook.pdf

• Heart Foundation. (2019) Affordable eats: Easy and tasty family meals that make your food budget go further

• Health Promotion Agency. My Family Recipes

• Ministry of Health, Healthy Eating, Active Living, 2015: eating%20active%20living.pdf

• Ministry of Health, Eating for Healthy Vegetarians, 2012:

• World Cancer Research Fund, Cancer Prevention Recommendations 2018:

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