Tips for carers

If you are caring for someone with cancer it can be challenging to know how best to support them with any eating problems they may be experiencing. Despite your best efforts, the food you prepare may not always be eaten. Try not to be discouraged – people having cancer treatment do not always have to follow strict eating.

You could:

  • gently encourage them to eat little and often when they are feeling well 
  • serve smaller meals as this can make the meal more appealing
  • keep ready-to-eat food and drinks handy, such as tinned fruit, yoghurt, milk, crackers and cheese, or frozen meals
  • prepare meals that are easy to eat, such as soft, moist, pureed food, if needed
  • keep mealtimes flexible
  • try new recipes
  • make meals as enjoyable as possible – eat together, play music, set the table with candles and flowers
  • buy food in small quantities, as taste and appetite can change often 
  • follow safe food handling practices when preparing food.

“ It’s not always a good idea to offer the person you are supporting their favourite food. Many people told us not to eat favourite foods while on chemo. They did and never wanted to eat them again!” Debbie


You can read more about supporting someone with cancer on this page.


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