If you live on your own

Being unwell can make you feel lonely and isolated even though you may strongly value your independence. If your energy is low it can be hard to manage the practical aspects of running a home, going to hospital appointments, and coping with treatment.

You may not be used to asking others for help. However, if people close to you – friends, neighbours, colleagues – offer to help, they will appreciate the opportunity to assist you. It is often easier to give them a specific task to do; such as shopping, cooking occasional meals, or mowing the lawn.

You may find it tiring to answer frequent enquiries about how you are. It can help to have an answer phone installed or to ask a friend to coordinate an email update for you.

Knowing who to contact when you feel unwell is vital. A list of key phone numbers, e.g. GP, district nurses, displayed by your phone is useful.

You could also enter the numbers into your phone or cell phone.

Many people choose to have a medical alarm system, which is activated for quick contact with assistance when you feel unwell. Ask your district nurse or social worker about local alarm services. You may be eligible for funding for this.

(Source: CancerBackup)

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