Many years of treating cancer patients and testing treatments in clinical trials has helped doctors know what is likely to work for a particular type and stage of cancer. Your doctor will advise you on the best treatment for your cancer.

This will depend on the results of your tests, where the cancer is and if it has spread, your age and general health and your wishes.

Cancer of the uterus is often diagnosed early, before it has spread. This means that many women will only need surgery. The major side effect of the surgery is menopause (if you have not already gone through it). In young women this means you cannot get pregnant.

If the cancer has or is at high risk of spreading beyond the uterus, radiation treatment, hormone treatment or chemotherapy may be used as well as surgery. Your doctors will advise the best form of treatment based on your medical history and diagnosis.

Treatment for cancer of the uterus has a high cure rate. 

‘It had all been so well explained to me. The oncology nurses were wonderful; I had the highest regard for them. I think if you ask questions, and really listen to what the staff tell you, you will be less frightened.’ Jill

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