Suggested readings and websites


Diaz-Montes, Teresa P. (2010). Patients' Guide to Uterine Cancer. Massachusetts: Jones and Barlett Publishers.

Dizon, D.S., Linda R. Duska. (2011). 100 Questions & Answers About Uterine Cancer. Massachusetts: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.


NZ Gynaecological Cancer Foundation offers a range of information, resources and support (including a newsletter) in the NZ context.

Gynaecological Cancer Society (Australia) An excellent Australian site offering holistic, authoritative and cancer-specific information covering the full range of gynaecological cancers in a number of languages.

Gynaecological Cancer Support Australian resource for women with gynaecological cancer, their family and friends providing supportive care information about emotional and social issues. It also has a good links section for further information on cancers, side effects and after treatment issues.

Jean Hailes Foundation Australian website with a large number of fact sheets and podcasts on women’s issues such a menopause, bone health and sleep.

Cancer Council Victoria Available in hard copy from your local Cancer Society, or from the Cancer Council Victoria website.

The suggested websites (other than our own) are not maintained by the Cancer Society of New Zealand. We only suggest sites we believe offer credible and responsible information, but we cannot guarantee that the information on such websites is correct, up-to-date, or evidence-based medical information. We suggest you discuss any information you find with your cancer care health professionals.

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