The Cancer Society would like to thank for their reviews, advice, and contributions:

Associate Professor Bridget Robinson 

Medical Oncologist, Oncology Service, ChristchurchHospital, and the ChristchurchSchool of Medicine and Health Sciences

Dr Andrew Simpson 

Medical Oncologist, Blood and Cancer Centre, WellingtonHospital

Dr Carol Johnson 

Radiation Oncologist, Blood and Cancer Centre, WellingtonHospital

Associate Professor Dr Chris Atkinson

Medical Oncologist, Oncology Service, ChristchurchHospital and the Cancer Society of New Zealand’s Medical Director

Meg Biggs, Julie Holt, and Liz Wright

Cancer Society Information Nurses

Sarah Stacy-Baynes 

Information Manager

We also thank the women with secondary breast cancer who reviewed this edition and offered many valuable suggestions.

Breast Cancer Care UK gave the Cancer Society permission to reproduce text from their booklet Secondary Breast Cancer in this edition.


Cancer affects New Zealanders from all walks of life, and all regions of our beautiful country. This cover photo of Mountain daisies (Celmisia verbascifolia) in the head of the Routeburn left branch was taken by Rob Suisted.


Many thanks to the Cancer Society volunteers who agreed to be photographed for our booklet covers.

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