Bowel function after treatment for prostate cancer

Men who have had radiation treatment are more likely to have problems with their bowels and bowel motions (poo). You may


• diarrhoea

• gas and bloating

• blood in your poo or passing blood

• bowel incontinence.


These problems may occur months or years after treatment and are caused by radiation irritating the lining of the lower part of your bowel. Modern radiation techniques are less likely to cause these side-effects.

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Ways to manage these side-effects

• Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids (water is best).

• Avoid spicy and fatty foods.

• Try some gentle exercise each day.

• Talk to your GP about medications that may help.

• Consider talking to a dietician about what you eat if diarrhoea is an ongoing issue.

• If you have incontinence you may want to speak to an incontinence specialist for further advice.