The Cancer Society would like to thank for their reviews, advice and contributions:

The Cancer Society wishes to acknowledge the input and expertise of our consumer reviewers and thank the following people for their input:

Abbie Cameron Cancer Nurse Coordinator, Christchurch Hospital

Dr Christopher Jackson Medical Director of the Cancer Society of New Zealand and medical oncologist, Southern District Health Board

Dr Mark Foley Consultant at the Skin Clinic, Marlborough

Dr Jeremy Simcock Consultant plastic surgeon and senior lecturer with the University of Otago, Christchurch

The New Zealand Association of Plastic Surgeons (NZAPS)

Julie Holt, Jenny Burge, Kate Velenski Cancer Society Supportive Care staff

Angie Cairncross Communications Advisor


Cover photo Rob Suisted

DermNet New Zealand

Christchurch Hospital

The Cancer Society wishes to thank Christchurch Hospital for the medical photographs and our Wellington and Kāpiti volunteers who had their photos taken. We also thank the people who have reviewed this booklet and offered many valuable suggestions. The reviewers include specialists and people who have experienced cancer.

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