After treatment

After treatment, your doctor will decide how often you will need check-ups. Check-ups will gradually become less frequent if you have no further problems.

Follow-up care

Most women with early breast cancer are successfully treated by surgery and/or radiation treatment, often combined with chemotherapy or hormone treatment. Following treatment, you will find your energy will gradually come back. You may need to have extra rest for a while. Increase your exercise and general activities as you feel able. Research has shown that regular exercise during and after treatment is beneficial. The majority of women find they can do most things within a few weeks of surgery.

Arm care

Following your surgery, your physiotherapist or breast care nurse will give you exercises to help to regain the full use of your arm. You may be concerned that your arm will swell after your lymph glands have been removed. This is much less common today because of the better methods of surgery and radiation treatment. However, a few women will still develop problems with arm swelling (called lymphoedema). To reduce the risk of this happening, you should try to avoid injury or infection to your arm or hand.

Breast forms

If you have had a mastectomy it’s important to know about a breast form (prosthesis). A breast form can give a good cosmetic appearance as well as helping your balance and posture. Ask your surgeon or breast care nurse for a medical certificate of entitlement.